Welcome to Oakville Zen Meditation

                                                               WELCOME TO MINDFULNESS ZEN MEDITATION

Zen Master & Dharma teacher G.Arnaud Painvin MD  and Late Catherine Painvin MD  are pleased to welcome you. We are providing meditation classes  3 times per week with teaching talk  and Q&A (see the previous 349 Dharma talks topics by clicking on Blogs on top horizontal menu) . We are free and open to everyone

Current Schedule & venues:

              1) On Skype. The link to join Skype is sent to you by Gaurav around 15 min. before the session.

                      Please be on time.

                      If you are few min. late keep your mic muted & camera off to avoid disturbance.

               2) Home’s Zendo.  2433 Lakeshore Rd East Oakville Between Devon (West) & Winston C (East )

                       Please sign-up 24h in advance directly to me:helloarnaud@gmail.com.

                       Max. 4 members  First come, first served.

                       Public parking just in the back via Armiger lane adjacent to Montessori school.

Wednesdays 19:30 (7:30 pm)

                Maple Grove United Church346 Maple Grove Drive. ( Westside, South of Devon )

                      Go all around to the main entrance which is in the back, then follow the sign to the room.

Saturdays 10:30 am

                Maple Grove United Church

* 2m distancing + mask if you wish

    Double vaccinated members are protected.


Our meditation session usually lasts for 45 to 55 minutes followed by a Dharma Talk then Q&A.

If you have any questions about our meditation sessions or Zen please reach out to:

       Gaurav Batra at  gaurav.batra06@gmail.com or 416 452 0546. or

       Myself at  helloarnaud@gmail.com or 416 565 2433

With an open heart, Kindly yours.

  1. Arnaud Painvin, MD,  Zen Master Ji Gong  (Korean lineage)


Many come to us because they are facing issues and want to deal with them in a more effective way. Others would like to  improve the quality of their life, achieve inner serenity or simply are in quest for a spiritual journey.  We are teaching Mindfulness Zen meditation. Zen Buddhism is more a philosophy of life, how to deal with its ups and downs and how to control our mind rather than a dogmatic religion as we understand it. Zen is more about practice than faith But, like other spiritual practices, Zen is teaching us the same messages of love, compassion, generosity, patience, perseverance, salvation and suffering, but also are promoting the same moral and ethical code of conduct. It cannot be otherwise.The only differences between our major religions are their modalities to achieve the same goals.

Oakville Zen Centre is a 200% team work shared by his wife Catherine in charge of the administration and organization and assisted by our little and very friendly 11 years old Shih Tzu dog called Zap in charge of the welcome. Zap is a great Zen Master (see blog #1 in www.mindfulnesszenmeditation.ca).

Short quote from our Shih Tzu Zen Master:

I am not special, not dogmatic, do not walk on water, don’t take myself too seriously, make mistakes all the times and enjoy wonderful questions and challenges from students so I can learn from them. My job and joy is to try to help others with their struggles the best I can thru the practice of meditation and the teaching of Zen Buddhism philosophy”.

As you may know Zen Buddhism is not based on faith per-se, doctrines, dogmas or scriptures  but rather on strong spiritual practice based on common sense, down to earth  existential philosophy designed to  alleviate suffering from self and mainly to others. We do not preach a so called divine truth but just reality and facts and we are not looking to promote our stuff. Everyone is welcome.

                               ARE THERE KEY WORDS/ MESSAGES  IN THIS SITE?

YES!  Among them: MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION, MIND CONTROL, SERENITY, STATES OF AWARENESS, CONSCIOUSNESS, AWAKENING, LOVE, EQUANIMITY, FORGIVENESS, STRESS MANAGEMENT etc… They are all linked in their meaning as tools you need to discover and practice your true, genuine and innate Being or True Self. Discovering our True Self or True Being is experiencing your “mind free self” and inner peace which are beyond and above your superficial, acquired little self dominated by your ego-driven mind. Our ego-driven mind is the main source of our “suffering” such as unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Suffering is caused by  endless desires ( I want), hatred (I don’t like) , negative emotions, illusions ( not knowing reality ), delusions and unrealistic expectations.  Learning to pay attention, train and control our ego-driven mind using mindfulness meditation is key to achieve serenity. Mindfulness means to pay attention, to be aware and  observe without an analytic, judgmental and decisional mind.  To be mindful is to pay attention, to reflect things like a mirror without the Why, Who, Where, When and How. Of course we are all awake and aware during the day but we are, unfortunately, totally under the control of our ego-driven mind and behave like thinking zombies on automatic mode. Zen talks about ” day sleep walking, waking sleep,”                                                                                                                                               Neuro imaging  shows that our brain/mind produces over 100,000 thoughts /24h. Practicing pure “conscious awareness” is to be in control of our emotional mind rather than be controlled by. It is to pay attention or be mindful to the current moment that is : now, our 5 senses, our body, what we are doing, thinking, our emotions and surrounding..  Practicing conscious awareness is not easy since it should be done mindlessly that is without concept, ideas, analytic thinking, judgment and volition. On the other hand this practice requires understanding, will, discipline, patience, time and, above all, a non-judgmental attitude about your practice and its progress. But, once you are able to achieve it, you reach your state of “Being” in its purest form. Being is simply to be “awake” and awakening is Enlightenment also called Salvation in many religions.This is the only route to reach our inner and ongoing serenity always present but hidden.

As far Zen Buddhism is concerned, did you know that  the word “BUDDHA” means “the Awakened One, the one free from his mind-made sources of suffering such as graving, hatred, illusions and misunderstandings”. For more practical details please go the blogs dealing with this very important topic.  

How to surf this comprehensive site?  On the above menu you may click on:

ZEN: History, philosophy, purpose and practice of meditation in group and solo.                            To know more about Zen Buddhism and Mindfulness meditation including its beneficial effects,    click on “ZEN” on the top horizontal menu. Everything is there.

Please join us for free sitting meditation ( x2/week ) by signing-up with our meetup group (See below)

BLOG. This link found on www.mindfulnesszenmeditation.ca is the current compilation of more than 280 “weekly teaching talks” in chronological order since the inception. Called “Dharma talks” , they cover all important points of Zen philosophy & daily practice. By reading them will greatly help you  in your new intellectual and spiritual journey and daily practice. You may scroll down the list and pick the ones that interest you the most. One new “teaching text” is added every week after being presented verbally to our 4 meditation groups the week before.

MEDIA: Contents few pictures, cartoons and videos.

ABOUT US: Short bio of the provider / teacher. No big deal here.

MEETUP: If you want to join us for group Zen meditation or group meditative prayer you will have to register with one of our Meetup sites and sign up prior each session. It is free. Meetup is an excellent way to look at the calendar for incoming events and to chat with other members. All information is there.

Interested in MIndfulness Zen meditation?

Please go to  www.meetup.com/oakville-zen-meditation/  OR click on the Meetup Zen icon at the bottom right corner

CONTACT US: There are many ways to contact us and stay in touch:

  • Phone/Texting 416-565 2433
  • emails: 1) helloarnaud@gmail.com  2) catherinepainvin@gmail.com  3)  via Meetup ( see icon below)

Don’t hesitate. We will reply to every queries within 48h. Don’t be shy: there is no stupid question, just stupid answer. We are very friendly and don’t follow any exotic rituals 🙂

Very best to all of you. Hope to see you around.

Oakville Zen Meditation Centre         G.Arnaud Painvin MD  Zen Master & Dharma teacher & Catherine

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