#62.POT POURRI : short Zen statements in alphabetic order.

We are adding words once a while as we feel like it.


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim.

Awakening: To be awake = To focus = To concentrate. See meditation

Brain vs. mind: Think about a computer. Brain = Hardware & Mind = Software.

Consciousness:  To be aware of = To focus = To pay attention = To meditate. See meditation. To be conscious / aware is the first step to act on something. Without this step it is impossible.

Enlightenment or awakening: (more…)

#61.Mind & Body =1. JUL2015

JG MindBodyEastern medicine considers mind and body as one but its Western counterpart continues to be very dualistic and sees mind and body as 2 separate entities.

Zen Buddhism cannot differentiate mind from body despite the appearance. In fact we all know that chronic pain (body) greatly affects our emotions (mind) and chronic anxiety or depression do perturb the body. There are hundred of medical examples proving that the interconnection between mind and body is reality.


#60.Thought on Thoughts. JUL15



Thoughts are little voices produced nonstop by our mind. Zen talks about “thinking zombie” or “day sleep walking”. Have you ever tried not to think for 10sec.? Or even 2 sec.? Or even 1 sec.? Impossible. The mind produces thoughts like the sun produces light.




#58.Ego is like a cliff.11JUL15

JG EGOcliff


If our ego is too small we cannot function properly.

If our ego is too big it is harmful (high cliff) and we suffer from chasing indefinitely power, fame, pride,  love, intelligence, recognition, pleasure, etc…
The solution? 
Balancing the too small and the too big by walking the Middle Way.
Questions?….just ask.

Thoughtlessly yours.


Ven. Ji Gong Sunim.

#55.About opinion and judgment. July 2015

JG I KNOW 1To have ideas and opinions and make judgments is perfectly normal and necessary when decisions have to be made every day. In fact our Western society with its education and its day-to-day life is expecting us to think all the time and to have ideas, opinions and judgments on everything. This is even more relevant now when knowledge is only one click away on our computer. In fact if you state that you do not have opinion on something people may question your sanity and/or your social behavior.

But when no decision is required having opinion and judgment can be detrimental because they trap us in a state of rigid mindset from which it is almost impossible to escape.