#127 Awareness, sensation and meanings of breathing

                                                       Awareness, sensation and meanings of breathing

 When a monkey is screaming non-stop, the zookeepers try to distract him, usually with a banana or a toy.

When your monkey mind is on a non-stop talkative mode, you should try to distract him and divert his attention by forcing him to focus on something else. The best diversion is also a banana…well…sort of.

Ask him to focus on your in- and- out breathing. Your monkey mind will stop talking for, at least, few moments. This is the principle behind meditation. You tell your mind:

That’s enough stupid monkey mind, instead of talking non-stop, pay attention to my breathing and shut-up”.

Being incapable of dealing with two thoughts at the same time that is breathing and wandering, the mind will pay attention to your breathing, hopefully for few minutes.

Awareness, sensation and meaning of breathing:


#126: STORY of JO and MARIA.21AUG16

                                                          The story of Jo and Maria
JO: Jo is 40. At 6:30 am and 10 or 11 pm he brushes his teeth during 5 min…without his mind!. Of course Jo is not mindless but his mind is not where this guy is and not doing what Jo’s hands are doing! While Jo’s body is washing the teeth, his mind is always elsewhere and doing something else such as:
1-  In the traffic, at the office, with his new date, shopping, gardening, cooking, at the bar with friends.
2- His mind may travel back and forth from past to future and from future to past like a non-stop time machine for whatever reason and purpose.
3- Finally, his mind may get emotional about this or about triggering anger, resentment, worries, anxiety, desires, guilt, fears, fantasies, expectations, etc…
Jo’s mind is behaving like a wild, noisy and restless wild monkey totally out of control.

Sadly enough and despite their mutual affection, Jo’s mind and body are almost always totally separated,  each in their own time-space-action. Jo is totally controlled by his mind rather than controlling it. He is what I call, a thinking zombie also called a day sleep walker. We all feel sorry for JO isn’t.

MARIA: Maria is 30. At 6:30am and at 10 or11pm she also brushes her teeth during 5 min**…..with her mind where her body is and with her mind doing what her hands and brush are doing!. Maria learned from her meditation and teaching that, when body and mind are doing the same thing at the same time and same place, the mind becomes still, quieter and its continuous inner voice is on mute mode. She knows that forcing her mind to focus on something slows down, if not, stops the stream of thoughts and emotions. This is the miracle of mindfulness (to pay attention w/o thinking ). Maria is mindful to the current moment, the only time that exists. Maria controls her mind rather than been controlled by it. Her monkey mind has been tamed.
We are all happy for Maria. Right?.
By the way: one is “awakened” the other one needs to work harder. No bliss, no miracle, no paradise, no rapture, no ecstasy, no euphoria, no happiness, nothing sexy here.

#125: Dealing with a negative mind.21AUG16

                                                                   Dealing with a negative mind

All news networks executives know very well that, in order to attract viewers and income from commercials, the content of the news must be at least 70% “bad news” such as natural disasters, wars, crime, terrorism, accidents, etc. This is exactly what we are getting even more. TV networks and guru marketers have discovered zillion years ago and before any scientific data that human minds are far more sensitive and attracted to negative stuff than positive one.

Another example: If someone is asking you: “How are you?” we usually answer “Not bad” instead of using “good or OK”


#124: Suffering from “I am giving up” or Chatting with a leaf.14AUG16.

                                                                          Suffering from “I am giving up”

                                                                                     (Chatting with a leaf)

To give up is to resign reluctantly.

Besides resigning actively by sending as a letter of resignation, when we resign we are accepting that something is undesirable, unacceptable but inevitable and without solution.

Here is a very weird daily human behavior.

Some situations, being totally out of our control are accepted without resistance. For example we accept aging, having an obnoxious neighbor, the weather and knowing someone far smarter than you are.

However there are other situations also totally out of our control and for which we are going to resist even fight against until we finally… give up. For example trying to change someone.


#123: Wrong and right expectations.13AUG16.

If  I focus only on expecting positive results from the outside world, I may or will never succeed for the better and be happier since many of them depend on things, events, people for which and for whom I have little or no control whatsoever.
But if I focus mostly in changing myself, I may or even will get positive results since I become the main responsible.

#122: Stream of thoughts.8AUG16.

                                                                    The stream of thoughts
The stream of our thoughts  has enormous power and momentum that can easily drag you along. It is like sitting on a little kayak in the middle of a lethal white river.
Our emotions are like whirlpools in which we are sucked.
Every thought pretends that it is real and matters so much. It wants, not only to draw your attention in completely but also make you slave of it.
When you have a thought, just pay attention to it and decide who is the boss: you or the  thoughts. Here again the practice of moment to moment awareness is key.


#121: Escaping from boredom.7AUG16.

                                                            Escaping from boredom

 Few days ago, feeling somewhat bored I decided to escape from boredom and write something about this negative feeling. Here is the stuff, obviously pretty boring.

Definition: Boredom is a feeling of displeasure, impatience and emptiness arising out of a conflict between a constant need for significant physical and or mental activity and lack of incitement to it, or inability to be incited.

Boredom is a very frequent negative feeling, occurring at all ages, especially for teens and elderly and quite difficult to deal with as we will see below. Escaping from boredom by doing something else is the usual reflex but it is only a temporary solution since boredom will come back as shown by research studies.