#134 Self-induced Virtual Reality ( VR) Oct.24th 16

                                                      Self-induced Virtual Reality (VR)

If you are looking to buy a VR headset for yourself or as a gift think twice.

They are expensive and limited to video games.

You don’t have to go on line or at the shop to find a fantastic VR set. Just learn to pay attention, to observe, to be aware of what your mind is currently doing and you are submerged in your self-induced dream world.

Main functions of our mind:


#133 Awareness is being mind- free Oct.18th 16

                                                    Practicing awareness is being mind free

If someone is asking you:” Did you know that John ha a new job” and you may reply “Yes I am aware of it”

Most of the time we are using the words “I am aware” as equivalent to  “I know”. But being aware or awareness has nothing to do with knowledge or thinking. Of course we are awake in the medical term but are we aware consciously? Active awareness is simply to decide to pay attention to something or somebody as they are. Active awareness is being conscious of our consciousness and consciousness is above and beyond thinking since one can be conscious without thinking but we cannot think without being awake. In the following, the words awake, awareness or consciousness are synonymous and not used as medical terms.

How often are we conscious of our awareness?

This is a provocative question since we strongly believe that, being awake, we are also aware and conscious all the time. Indeed, in its medical meaning, we are. Unfortunately during the day, our awareness is subconscious that is, as soon we wake up , we are on automatic thinking mode and robotic behavior without knowing it.

All body-mind functions are unconscious including thinking that is we are not aware and we do not think that we are thinking unless we decide to do so. As said many time, recent neuro imaging demonstrates that over 75,000 thoughts are produced and processed by our mind every day.

Strangely enough our endless thinking is also subconscious since, usually, we do not think that we are thinking.

Being in thinking mode all the time, we are not only trapped by our thoughts and feelings but we also identify ourselves with them, which can have detrimental consequences on our emotional level. Remember this: thoughts exist but are not real. There are just the fictional product of our mind. Therefore, it is essential to practice more active awareness or consciousness into our life not only during difficult challenging time but also during ordinary situations.


#132 Breathing is pressing the pause button on our stream of thoughts

                                 Breathing is pressing the pause button on our stream of thoughts

                                                    The peaceful effect of conscious breathing

Based on the most recent 24h neuro imaging, our mind produces around and at least  75,000 thoughts a day.

This activity is automatic and subconscious since we do not watch or think continuously that we are thinking. We do not say: “I am thinking or I am aware that I am thinking”. If we have to think that we are thinking we will just do that and life will be impossible.!However, if you decide to pay attention to the current thought then thinking becomes conscious. It is called conscious thinking and it is a great tool to practice.

By forcing your mind to focus on your breathing, he has no choice but to stop its flow of thoughts and negative feelings. Your inner voice stops. It is like pressing pause on an audio tape . By the way, this is exactly what we do while meditating.

By using it, you can control your powerful stream of thinking by creating space and silence between thoughts and feelings? Without these spaces and silences, our restless thinking is an ongoing addition with repetitive thoughts coming back all day long. So, pressing the pause button on the stream of thoughts seems impossible but, in fact, it is the opposite and we have the perfect tool to achieve it.

Being aware / conscious of your in-out breathings, also called conscious breathing, takes our mind’s attention away from its duty of thinking. By stopping our thinking machine, conscious breathing creates space, stillness and silence within self.

How to practice conscious breathing?