#189 SUFFERING Part 2 The 8th Foldpath (4th Noble )Truth

                               Suffering Part 2:  The 8Th Foldpath to seek & achieve Nirvana

Some 2500 years ago, few days before dying the Buddha ( the awakened one ) declared: “I teach suffering, its origin, its cessation and path to cessation. That’s all I teach”. He was around 83 years old

Last week we talked about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Noble Truths dealing with suffering, causes of suffering and extinction of suffering. The 4tThe final Noble Truth called the Eightfold Path is the Buddha’s prescription, sort of road map & “know how” to end of suffering & achieve a better life. It is is also called the Middle Way: it avoids both indulgence and severe asceticism, neither of which the Buddha had found helpful.

This is a list of 8 rules that one should apply in our life in order to achieve serenity, Nirvana and compassion for others.

You will see that this set for inner peace is not based on any external divine entity. You are the driver.


#189 Your consultation with Dr. Buddha (nickname for the awakened one)

                 Your medical appointment with Doctor Siddharta Gautama : nickname “the Buddha”

Your complain(s) presented your doc:
Dissatisfaction, unhappiness, dislike, anger, worries, sadness, fear, anxiety, grief, disease, aging, pain, etc
All of these cause suffering.

Diagnosis of your disease = “First Noble Truth/ Reality”
Life contains physical & mental “suffering”. This is not pessimism, just fact & we cannot escape from.

Causes of your suffering= “Second Noble Truth”
1) “I want”: desire/ craving/ clinging this & that and their related attachments, etc..
2) “I don’t want”: hatred/ aversion / rejection/ refusal of this &that and their related attachments, etc..
3) “I see life/ people/events” as…..
Not seeing life/people/events as they truly are but as we perceive them or want them to be is a great source of suffering. This distortion or ignorance is based on our education, experience, reading, ego-driven mind-set, belief, ideas, judgment, religion, media, social pressure, aging, etc.
So, the doctor said to you:
“Most of your & my suffering is, therefore, ego-driven “I, me, myself, mine” that is …..
Being self-induced there is hope and, with a little smile, the doc added the following:

Recovery from the disease = “Third Noble Truth”
Nirvana. A mental state where suffering is, at least, under control if not eradicated.
Mindfulness meditation & the following prescription are the main treatments.

Your Prescription/Treatment = “Forth Noble Truth
The so called 8th Foldpath or Middle Way is a set of 8 “rules” to follow….not easy to achieve and maintain.
Prescribing daily mindfulness meditation is also a must to your treatment.

No divine intervention, no miracle, we are on our own!


#188 SUFFERING: What, how & freedom from Aug. 20th 17 Part 1

                                            Suffering: What, How and Freedom from   Part 1

Four Noble Truths also called Noble Realities in modern versions

Suffering & its causes exist in life, whatever we do. This is not doom& gloom, just reality.

  1. Suffering arises from 1) desire/ graving, 2) hatred/aversion and 3) Ignorance, which means illusions and delusions. Attachment to one of them enhances suffering.
  2. Suffering ceases when ego-driven attachments cease or are under control. This is Nirvana.
  3. Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the so-called “Eight fold Path”

Suffering and its causes exist and cannot be prevented.

This is not a pessimistic & hopelessness point of view. It is reality since life is what it is, consisting of many good stuff but also of suffering, dissatisfaction and unhappiness. No one is exempt from suffering but we can deal with it in a more efficient way.

This suffering is called Dukkha but Dukkha has a far broader meaning: anything that we don’t like, oppose, resent and fight against. Human nature and the world you live in are imperfect.

During our lifetime, we have to endure not only physical suffering such as pain, sickness, injury, tiredness, old age, and death but mainly emotional pain such as anger, fear, resentment, jealousy, etc.


#187 Plunge your being into what you are doing Aug. 6 17

                                             Plunge Your Being into What You Are Doing

Plunging our own life into what we are doing sounds obvious since we are learning over and over since kindergarten to be focused. It looks that we are doing this all the time. Is it fact or just a perception?

Think twice and you will realize that, during most of the day, it is just a perception and not reality.

There are zillions of daily examples to back up this crucial finding:

Your body is eating but your mind is focusing on the TV.

You are driving but your mind is shopping.

You are under the shower but your mind is at the office.

You are hearing someone but your mind is not listening, and so non…..