#192 ABSOLUTE vs. VIRTUAL REALITY Sept. 17th 17

Reality: absolute vs. virtual

The main goal of Zen Buddhism’s practice is to experience mindfully and in the moment our surrounding reality or truth using our senses because it is the only absolute one. The other so-called “reality” is mind-made opinion or judgment and therefore called relative truth.

Example: 2 guys are separated by a wide and powerful river.

On shouts to the other: “Hello. How can I get on the other side”.

The other guy replies” You are on the other side already”.          Where is the truth?



                                                      Boredom is a great opportunity

Boredom is a feeling of displeasure, impatience and emptiness arising out of a conflict between a constant need for physical /mental activity, distraction, connection and lack of incitement to it, or inability to be incited. Boredom is a frequent because we cannot tolerate not being busy doing something whatever it is.

It is associated with poor self-image, restlessness, discomfort, emptiness and the feeling of being useless. It is blamed for things like sadness, depression, addiction, dangerous hobbies and even violence.

Why people are more and more complaining about boredom?

Despite being busier, complaining about boredom is increasing. This is paradoxical.