#238 Do you love yourself? or searching self-acceptance


Do you love yourself? or searching self-acceptance

Another strange Zen sentence. Don’t take it literally! It has nothing to do with narcissism or hedonistic behavior.

Zen is teaching that, in order to be nice, empathic, compassionate and generous with others, which is a mean goal, we have first, to do the same for ourselves self that is to think nicely and be tolerant about ourselves without, of course, loosing proper insight for improvement.  We call it self-acceptance.


#237 Happiness & serenity: what is the difference? Aug. 19 18

                                          Happiness vs. Serenity: a big difference?

Often we equate happiness with serenity but their origin, meaning and purpose are totally different.

To achieve serenity, it is important to differentiate them.

Happiness (end of XVI c= hap= “good fortune/luck “ is a genetically programmed, ego driven, genuine and transient emotional reaction whereas serenity is a state of mind that must be learned. Big difference!

In our secular Western society the search for ongoing happiness is a must whereas the search of serenity sounds to be limited to few mystic and spiritual weird people. Live must be exiting and good for us because we deserve it! This is how marketing genius are manipulating us. If y we are not happy all the time, there is something wrong about because we should be able to be happy all the time. New car, new house, new job, new partner, new cruise, new adventure, etc….


#236 Achieving an open mind Aug. 12 18

                                               Achieving a “ Don’t know mind”

Zen literature is full of strange, confusing and misleading words an such as “empty mind”,

“don’t know mind” , “mind before thinking”, “original mind”.

In the strict literally sense a “don’t know mind” is understood as a mind empty of knowledge, at max, an idiot mind. In its Zen meaning, a “don’t know mind” should not be understood as lack of knowledge but rather as a open mind that is a mind not frozen by too many ideas, opinions, judgments and other mind-set. (more…)

#235 SPACING your mind Aug. 5th 18

                                                           Spacing our mind

 When we look, by definition, we always look at something or somebody. Cannot be otherwise.

During the day, we look at zillion of visual objects such as screen, the road, the face of someone, your plate, your watch, your face in the mirror, etc….

We never look at the space existing between these objects because it is invisible, we don’t pay attention to it and because it is meaningless. (more…)