#242 When the mind is squeaking, the body listens Sept 23th 18

When the mind is squeaking, the body listens

Contrary to our Western medicine, the Oriental one and Zen Buddhism consider Mind and Body as an unbreakable single unit in which each part affects the other back and forth and continuously and at different degrees. Body functions, thoughts and emotions are the jobs of our subconscious and conscious mind and our brain which is made of contains around 100 billions neurons.

Recently, millions of neurons have been identified in our small and large intestine. There is a subconscious thinking and emotional loop between brain and intestines.

Rational thinking does not affect our body but our emotions, even at their subconscious level, could have significant impacts on various organs.


#241 Love and Attachment: is there a difference Set. 16 18

                                Love and attachment: Is there a difference?

Difficult question. since these 2 words are perceived almost synonymous.

From our own experience we know that when we love someone or something we become, subconsciously attached to this person or a thing like home, car, sex, chocolate, addiction, etc.,

We are even totally attached to our thoughts.

What we perceive as love is probably more attachment and we will see below that attachment and love are complete opposite of each other. (more…)

#240 Meditation: Tips & Tricks while meditating Sept 9th 18

                                          Meditation: Tips & Tricks while meditating

About yourself:

Prioritize. We always find time for priorities, never enough time for what we perceive as “non priorities”. Make your sitting a priority like your day-to day routine stuff. Minimize the excuses.

Pick a doable amount of time to sit. Even five minutes are enough to activate those neural pathways.

Be flexible. If you miss your daily session, be creative rather than been pissed off. Walk at work.

Don’t throw in the towel just because your daily routine got screwed-up.


#239 Self, No-Self, True-Self: what does that mean?

                                 Self, No-Self, True Self: what does it mean?

 How do we define the “self”?

In our Western world, the way we define and delimit Self that is you, others and me living beings is very arbitrary, restrictive, too materialistic.

This “individual self” is just a biological organism made of around 30 trillions cells and trillions of trillions of atoms generating our body and mind and their physical and mental functions.

Self does exist but, we have been conditioned by our Western education, philosophy and religions to view ourselves as a unique, independent and separate entity, different from every other living beings.