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#253 WHAT A. EINSTEIN SAID about ZEN BUDDHISM Dec. 12th 18


 An interesting statement from a special mind.

“Zen Buddhism has the characteristics of what our modern world can expect for a so-called

“Universal religion” even if it is not a religion in its strict theological sense.

It transcends personal god or gods, avoids dogmas, theology, divinities, miracles and hierarchy.

It covers both the material and immaterial or spiritual worlds.

It is based from the connection, personal experience and empathy with all living beings and the world

around them, in a conscious mindful way, creating, therefore, a meaningful unity called “Oneness”, which will last forever and no one can explain.



#252 Meditation practice: difficulty, hesitation & doubt Dec 2nd 18

Meditation: difficulties, hesitation and doubts about our practice  Dec. 2nd 18

Maybe we have the will and good reasons such as dealing with our current issues to start meditation and keep doing it. Unfortunately, it does not work that way:

We simply are too busy with zillions of things on your plate to meditate.

We are lacking energy and discipline to sit still even for few min. every day and for many months.

We are struggling because our mind is constantly racing and we cannot control it as you wish and as

We have been told. Our mind is very talkative (~200,000 thoughts/day) and they cannot be stopped.

We doubt about meditation because you do not sense any immediate benefits from your ongoing

practice   and we don’t have the patience to wait for results.

We are finding many excuses to skip your group and solo practice and even decided to quit like 90%

of new comers after 3 months everywhere.

We don’t understand very well how meditation works or, even, we don’t believe in this Oriental practice.

Finally, we are, automatically judging negatively the quality of our meditation and its progress.


#251 Spiritual awakening toward a new identity Part2

Spiritual Awakening: Toward a new identity Part 2

Last week we talk about 1) New identity Part 1 : Less self-centered,  2) Inner quietness and

3) Enhanced interconnection with others. Here are other traits of the new awakened self.

Empathy and Compassion:

The sense of connection described last week is closely linked to the high levels of empathy and compassion associated with spiritual awakening. When we’re connected to other living beings — animals and the natural world, we’re able to sense what they’re feeling and experiencing,

If they’re suffering, we sense it and feel the impulse to comfort them or try to alleviate their pain because the interconnection exists.


#250 Spiritual awakening : towards a new entity Part 1 Nov 18 18

                                     Spiritual awakening: Toward a new entity  Part 1

This is the first of 7 talks about awakening: towards new self (2), new mind (2), new life (2) and new world.

Awakening is not adding something divine to what you are but simply removing what you think you are.

1) A new identity away from our egocentric one:

When we experience spiritual awakening, one common sign is that our inner life changes. There’s a shift in how we feel inside. This shift changes us so profoundly that, we feel as if we have a new and less egocentric identity….as if we have been somewhat reborn.

It may not even be a noticeable symptom or sign of spiritual awakening, except in retrospect.


#249 What mindful people do & think differently Part 2 Nov 11 18

What mindful & serene people think and do differently    Part 2

 Mindful people try to live in the moment because this is the only time where we are alive. Past and future are mind-made noise.

Are active listeners w/o trying to judge, ignore or control.

Realize that happiness comes only from the outside world and, therefore quest for happiness is endless never totally satisfied and often out of their control.


#247 2 to 3 min. Centering space. Oct 28th 18

                           Two-three minutes centering space

 You don’t have to meditate formally to practice mindfulness-based awareness.

This short and easy “on-the-go” exercise will provide you an opportunity to:

1) Step-out from our autopilot behavior and ongoing mental agitation.

2) Reconnect and experience with the present moment, its content, your body and true surronding true  surrounding   genuine reality.

3) Reduce stress.

There are 3 steps to follow. They can be done in sequence1-2-3 or simply by picking one of your choice and another one during the next exercise.


#245 What is a Zen mind? A pic to explain. Oct 21th -18

                                       What is a Zen mind? A pic to explain it
Click on the pic below:
This beautiful lake, at sun set, has a perfect Zen mind:
Reflecting, in a mindful way,  things as they are in the moment.
 No thinking, no mind-set, no judgment, no decision, no past, no future,
 no feelings……putting the mind on “Pause mode”** for the time being.
**PS: Use your mind only when you need it

#244 How can I stop my thoughts while meditating?

                          Meditation: How can I stop my thoughts while meditating?

How can I stop my thoughts? “, “ Should I try to stop thinking?” How to empty my mind?”

How to deal with our thoughts and feelings is one of the biggest challenges in meditation and in life in general.

Most of us coming to meditation read that meditation will clear the mind and make it quiet and still.

But, after few sessions of sitting meditation you realize that your own experience comes closer to rocking back and forth between ongoing thinking, worrying that you should not be thinking, struggling to stop your thoughts or trying to empty your mind. This is a wrong approach and source of absolute failure & quitting. (more…)